The way music affects the brain has been very interesting to me since the moment I realize music helped me concentrate. I would study and read with my headphones on listening to whatever came up on my iPod. I would listen to music as I read all seven Harry Potter books, as I studied and as I did homework. 

A lot of people couldn’t understand this, even I didn’t understand this sometimes, but it worked. Now, after the accident this doesn’t work the same, this just distracts me more when I’m reading, but it does something to my memory because I can remember the lyrics to songs. This was one of the ways music helped during therapy, but also just to get those legs and arms moving in physical therapy. 

I am still surprised at how much music can do and still learning more about this but I love that it is used in therapy and in other ways to help people heal. 

Read more: Learning with music can change brain structure, says study


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