Today, August 21, 2017, there was a solar eclipse. We didn’t get to see the total eclipse in Puerto Rico, I didn’t even notice the eclipse was already happening. It just looked a little less sunny, like it would on a cloudy day. 

As soon as I realized the eclipse had started, I put on my glasses and looked out, I really didn’t know where I was supposed to be looking because everything was black. My first thought was that those glasses were a rip off. Then I was also disappointed by all the fuss people were making about the eclipse.

I had read articles that said it was once in a lifetime but that wasn’t true because I remember the solar eclipse of 1998. If I still remember, 19 years later and after a TBI, that really was something and I wasn’t that disappointed about missing this one if I already experienced another eclipse.

As I was trying to figure out the problem with my glasses and my disappointment, my mom called me, asking if I saw it. She said she did and it was really cool so I told her my situation. 

Turns out my situation wasn’t the glasses like I thought but it was me, I wasn’t looking at the right spot in the sky. Yes, I take the blame for it and apologize to the glasses for doubting them, it was an honest mistake. I was looking in the right direction, msort of, I just had to tilt my head a little bit higher.

I also went to the top floor of my building, where a lot of my neighbors were seeing it too. It was a lot easier to look at it from up there.

It was an interesting experience and I’m glad we were able to get the glasses. 

How many years for the next one?


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