Two and a half years ago I finally allowed an orthodontist to put braces on me. It had been a battle with dentists my whole life, I hate the feeling of people working with my teeth but at last I said ok, let’s do it. That was a very brave moment for me, a moment I thought I would regret just months after. 

The truth is I didn’t regret it, I just wanted it to be over, but I was going to finish what I started (I’m unstoppable). One year, then two years, it felt like it was never going to end but it was actually just about two and a half, which is not bad at all. It was really a breeze, I had no problems because I followed all the instructions the orthodontists  gave me and I was a model patient (not to brag or anything).

Thanks to all the care I took, today I walk with a smile on my face after having my braces removed this morning, I can’t do anything but smile about my face finally being free and to show off my beautiful new smile. I also can’t believe I did it, stuck with it until the end and let them work on my mouth for over two years. It was painful, uncomfortable and annoying, but all the pain was all worth it just to walk around with a beautiful smile on my face.

I actually got the bravery to do this after surviving that TBI and all those surgeries. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t thank the accident or the TBI for this or anything else but, like I’ve said before, nothing was going to be worse than having my skull removed and replaced.

I feel so brave now!



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