Five years ago I was able to come home just days after my last surgery, that meant that I would need to have my stitches taken out. I remember I really, really wanted them removed but we had trouble just finding a doctor to do that. I don’t remember why we couldn’t find a doctor to do that very simple thing, just take the stitches out. But I was so happy when my mom told me she found a doctor who would do it.

I remember being scared, I don’t really understand why because it couldn’t have been worse than the surgery and it really wasn’t. This just took a minute or maybe less, it didn’t hurt one bit, I barely felt it and it was done; I had no more signs of the surgery, except for the scars but those are permanent and I try to hide them with my hair.

I was and still am so thankful for that doctor who just offered to take my stitches out as a favor.




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