So today I had the guts to ask if they got my application for a job at the gym. They had and the woman I asked actually had it in her hands among other applications. I asked her at the right time because the manager was right there and I was able to sit down and talk to him for a moment.I don’t know if that counts as an interview and if it will have an effect on their decision but I actually think it went well. Because it wasn’t planned or anything I didn’t have time to get scared or nervous. They were also looking for someone who is bilingual and that’s me!

This also was not like any other interview, I was not dressed for an interview wearing sneakers, a t-shirt, shorts and a ponytail. This was actually better because I felt comfortable, I wasn’t trying to impress anybody with makeup and nice clothes; it was me. 

I am happy about this because I have applied to jobs but have not heard back from any of them. When I got here I hoped to find a job; a month later I haven’t found anything. I can’t lose hope and I won’t go home saying I didn’t try. 


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