Having epilepsy is not easy, but I have learned that I have to be brave when talking about it, I have to bring it up and I have to tell people. I bring it up and I’m not afraid to because that’s just a part of my new normal, living with epilepsy. I know people don’t know that much about it because I didn’t know that much about it five years ago, when this adventure began. I would rather be open and honest about it than hiding it or having secrets.

Saying that I am open to talking about it doesn’t mean that all I do is talk about epilepsy. I am open to the subject because I don’t want people to be scared by it; I just want to be open about it to get the subject out of the way. I’m more than that, I am open about it in job applications and interviews.

I still think that’s one reason I don’t get called back for jobs but I also feel bad about thinking that because I don’t like to think people would do that and if it is, those weren’t the right jobs for me. But I still think it’s better to be open about talking about it, I’m not scared to say it, it’s there and hiding it won’t get rid of it.

What has worked best for me, besides taking the medicine twice a day every day, is being honest about it, sometimes joking about it. This makes people feel more comfortable talking about it and that just helps living with it.

Dealing with stigma

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