Since I’ve been in Florida, I have been going on walks with my cousin almost every week and everywhere we have gone we’ve had very nice walks but today he told me we were going to the wetlands…

Wait a minute Alex (my cousin), to the what?

Yes, Wetlands. When I heard that I immediately thought I would see this…


So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go but he told me he had never seen any there. I trust him so I decided to go but I set up a plan of action while we were there.

  1. If an alligator attacked me he would protect me.
  2. If it killed me he would not leave my body there to be eaten by alligators, he had to drag me to the car and get my body out of there. If they kill me they cannot eat me.
  3. If for some reason we got separated, that reason being I see and alligator and run away, we would meet back in the parking lot in the car.
  4. He could not leave without me.

It was a simple plan and he agreed to everything, even if he knew I was acting crazy, but you have to be sure when it comes to alligators.

And who wouldn’t be nervous after seeing this?

I was very nervous when we started walking, I thought there would be a million alligators just walking around everywhere. I didn’t want to see them because they are not pretty but I had to look around because I didn’t want one to catch me off guard to I constantly looking around and was aware of everything around me.

The pond in the middle had things life leaves and branches floating in it, which made me jump a few times, but thank God they didn’t move.

I was scared of everything I saw from far away, even if it didn’t look like an alligator, I thought it might be one, you never know.

As scared and nervous as I was I felt so brave as cars drove by us with people just looking at the wetlands, if I was walking through an area were there could be alligators, they could too.

In the end there were no alligators, at least we didn’t see any but maybe they were sleeping. I felt and still feel so brave and it really was a great walk because it was really sunny and there were no clouds, but it wasn’t hot, it was really breezy. We walked over two miles which took us an hour.

I had to get proof that I was there.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do that again but I successfully did it today and we didn’t even have to use my genius plan of action.

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