Today I got an email from Amazon saying something about the prize of my Amazon prime subscription. “Oh cool, Amazon Prime… when did I get Amazon prime”? That’s right, I never got it, that wasn’t me. So for the first time in my life I think someone hacked my account.

I didn’t even think this could be, maybe I did get it and forgot I got it but no, I’m really sure I didn’t do that. Then I thought, do they really know who they messed with? This someone must not be so smart because if you can hack an account, you can choose any account you want but, you choose me. Newsflash hacker, I’m broke! Because I’m broke you really can’t get a lot and I will notice any weird purchases or weird things in my account, like a subscription to Amazon Prime.

It would be nice to have Amazon Prime, but that’s really not in my budget right now, I have more important things to pay for. This also means that ordering things on Amazon is mostly limited to presents or something I really need. I don’t need Amazon Prime right now, thank you.

But I immediately called, well as soon as I found the number, which is not easy to find on and had it taken care of. So thanks to the wonderful people of Amazon for understanding and cancelling the membership I never wanted in the first place.


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