Since I started my new job, tutoring, I have left writing my book aside. I did not do that consciously, I just noticed on my visit to the psychiatrist this week. I sent what I had done since I got another idea about how to write it but, I haven’t done much with it and it’s not because I’m stuck. I think I can go farther with this idea I have just forgotten, or maybe I’ve been a little lazy with that.

I have enough time to write at night after posting on my blogs but I just forget and decide it’s more important to watch tv. I wish I could blame the Ritalin for not really having an effect on my concentration at night because I take it in the morning or my brain injury because I can’t just use that as a crutch. I can’t waste my life saying I will write a book someday because I’ll be wasting my time and someday will never come. There’s no day like today so I have to keep writing today, tomorrow and everyday.

I had made a lot of progress after Hurricane María because I had no internet but as life has been getting back to normal I got responsibilities or I get too distracted with everything, whether it’s TV, internet. If I don’t get distracted and spent at least as much time working on my book as I do writing a blog post, I would almost have a first graft. I have time to write every day, even if it’s just a few minutes, so right now I promise to dedicate at least fifteen minutes everyday to my book. It’s not a lot but it’s something and one I get into the habit again, I’ll spend more time.

As I said in my last blog of 2017, I write this here hoping that this will motivate me and force me to do it. If I read this in ten years and I haven’t done anything I’ll feel really stupid and I don’t want to feel stupid so see you later, gonna keep working on that book.


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