At the beginning of the year I talked about a few things a needed to fix in 2018, one of which was getting a job. I did start off the year with a job as a tutor for kids in elementary school but I wanted something more, something that helped me practice what I worked so hard for four years in college to be, a writer.

This dream came true about two weeks ago when I received an email offering me a job as a writer for a company’s new blog. I couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to talk about it too much until I was sure it was real. Tonight I’m ready to talk about it after meeting my new boss this afternoon and talking to her about what she expects from me.

It’s real and I am so exited to get started! This is so much bigger than just writing on my blog, I will be writing for a bigger audience and it won’t be about what subject I feel like I need to write about that day. I am ready to write about a topic that I will be assigned and do the research I have to do but I am nervous because, like I said, this is bigger than my own blogs and it’s a different audience but I know I can do this because I have experience doing this. I know my experience blogging will help me a lot and the experience I gain with this new job will help my personal blogs too.

Can you believe it? Two jobs! I can’t wait to get started.



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