After two weeks without driving, I nervously got into the drivers seat this morning to begin my 8th lesson. As soon as I got In I checked everything, the seat, sideview mirrors, rear view mirror, seat belt, and when everything was set, I slowly drove out of the parking lot.Apart from me driving for the whole lesson, this class was a little different; we drove along the northern part of San Juan, along the beach, where there were more people and more traffic than I imagined there would be at 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday. Even though I have not driven through there in years, I know the area pretty well. Once I realized where we were going I decided to pay Jose a surprise visit at work so he could see me driving, and even offered him a ride so he could see me in action and see how much I have improved, but sadly he had work to do and was headed out.

From there we continued through Condado and Isla Verde, all the way to where the driving tests are given, right next to the airport. Being there with a driving instructor brought back memories of practicing for my own test, almost 12 years ago, but I was so glad I didn’t have to do that again.

As I drove back the way I came, I thought I was seeing a lot of tourists, until we got to Old San Juan, where there were two cruises anchored on the docks. It was nice seeing the tourists headed out to explore the city and all it’s beauty. Very carefully, I gave the tourists the right of way; I was in no hurry and would rather stop and let people or cars go in-front of me than causing an accident.

As I was getting ready to drive home, I got another last minute practice at my own request, ordering at a drive-through at a fast food restaurant. I was really hungry, didn’t know if there would be power in my house when I got home, so I picked up my lunch on the way home. I didn’t hit anything while I ordered my food, which was big for me because I once hit another car as I left a McDonalds when I was in high school. Successfully getting driving out of McDonalds without hitting another car was a great moment for me.

Leaving Old San Juan can be confusing sometimes, but I made it back home safe and sound, with my lunch, to find out that we had gotten the power back around five minutes before I got home. Looks like maybe I didn’t need to go to Mc. Donalds, but I’d rather be safe that sorry.

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