Three years seizure free!!!

This third year is just a little bit sweeter than last year was just because there were a few moment which I thought  would ruin it.

Throughout both hurricanes and afterwards I was so terrified and nervous of having another seizure because I was worried about so many things. I was worried about not having power at home or anywhere, about my family and friends who I couldn’t call because there was no way to communicate, where to get food, the lines at gas stations and ATM machines.

Most of all, I was worried because I needed more anti-seizure medicine and it couldn’t be delivered here because nothing was being delivered at the time. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get my medication which would cause me to start having seizures again. In addition to missed medication, stress is also one of the main triggers for seizures.

In addition to the hurricane, tutoring, driving and having no power at home this week have also been situations I’ve feared of being trigger, but nothing has happened,

What was I going to do if nothing was being delivered to Puerto Rico, not even the medicine I needed for my epilepsy? What if something happened while I wasn’t here? What about this week when we are still without power in my building? None of these situations help my case.

But I made it, even after this very difficult year. In addition to three years seizure free, I got the lab result from last weekend, the ones I have to get every year because of all the medicine I take. By what we can understand from them, the results look good. It all looks more or less the way it looks every year and the doctor always says they look good.

Having made it through this very difficult and stressful year, I think means that I definitely have my epilepsy under control for now and I will keep it that way for a long time. I don’t know if I can say forever, but for now I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine, at least while I take my medicine.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I just want to remind every patient of epilepsy to take your medicine every day when you’re supposed to. Even if it’s not epilepsy whatever condition or disease you have, take your medicine.

Stay safe and healthy


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