Eight months after hurricane Maria, it seems like we can’t go one full week without having a blackout. Sometimes it’s just for a few hours and sometimes for a day or two and it just brings back unhealed wounds left over by hurricane Maria.

We spent months without power, now after life seems to be back to normal we have to go back to using battery powered fans and flashlights? Oh no, you’re messing with the wrong people. I don’t know what the deal with this government is, but it’s not working. Everything is wrong and were all just drowning here, trying to stay afloat. Then while were struggling, they’re cutting our power. Maybe they did a horrible job fixing the power lines after the hurricane, which was exactly what they said they wouldn’t do; I remember hearing over and over that they were going to replace our whole power system after the hurricane so we wouldn’t have to constantly deal with blackouts.

We didn’t know where the money to do this would come from but a promise is a promise, and guess what? They did nothing and now we are facing exactly what they said would happen if they didn’t fix it. It was stupid of me hoping and even believing that they would actually do what they said because there is no money. it is misused and a lot of corrupt people have stolen a lot of money.

I also have a conspiracy theory, which might or might not be true but here it is: Maybe they’re trying to get people to leave. My main suspect is the government, either for the military or to put a bunch of hotels. If this is true, we’re not going anywhere. Puerto Ricans are Puerto Ricans and you can’t kick us out or erase us; we’re here to stay.

That’s my conspiracy theory, if that’s not what’s happening than we need to get new people in charge of everything because whatever they’re doing in every branch of the government is wrong, starting with selling AEE.

*I’m angry.



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