Yesterday was a weird day, I wanted to drive since I have improved a lot but something just wasn’t right yesterday. I can’t blame anyone, not the car, not the Sunday drivers, or the messed up streets, there was something wrong with me, either being tired, nervous or just scared, but I had trouble keeping the car inside the lines and I was really unsure while making decisions. I was terrified I had just lost all the progress I had made during my previous eight driving lesson and what would happen today.

As soon as I got in the car, I told the instructor the problems I had yesterday. He thought that was weird but the lesson went on like he had planned. I practiced parking at the mall, mostly in reverse, first with no cars around, then next to one car and then with cars on both sides. I made it out of there without one scratch and we moved on to driving in the highway, a large highway with with streetlights, but I got all the green lights which was perfect.

By the end of the class we had practiced everything I told him I wanted to practice so I think I’m going to take a break from driving lessons and try learning now on my own, with the help of other drivers. After driving, I decided to try the first video of the Focus T25 workout video set I had ordered. These are videos, just as tough as the rest of the videos in this franchise, like Insanity, but they’re only 25 minutes. That is perfect because it’s a real workout but you don’t need to take an hour out of your day.

At the end of it, I felt like I had done an hour of exercise, I was so tired and I’m still tired. My legs are going to be killing me tomorrow. As if those  25 minutes, plus driving and trying to park a car for an hour and a half weren’t enough, I had to go do my job as a tutor.


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