I have a closet! Or the pieces that will become a closet when we put them together, hopefully soon.

That’s a big deal because up until now I had no idea where I was going to fit a closet. There was the time when we hoped to make the laundry room a part of my apartment and use that as, not just a closet, but a walk in closet. I was in love with this idea but, because of the humidity, that can’t happen and I was left closet less. That is a hard thing to deal with, even if I’m getting my own apartment; I need to put my clothes somewhere.

So this weekend, after my aunt saw my soon to be apartment, she gave me the idea of an open closet. She suggested we build it ourselvesorga that way I don’t have to get a huge wardrobe that will take a lot of room in the small bedroom. Most of those wardrobes take a lot of room but don’t have enough space to fit all my clothes in there.


Today, after we were done cleaning in the apartment, we went over to Home Depot again and found a wall closet organizer kit. Now all I have to do is set it up the way I want it and find a curtain to close it. It can be open but right now my closet is open and all the mess gets out, I could really like to keep it hidden somewhere that I don’t see it. That can force me to keep my clothes in there, right not I have some things in my dresser and it doesn’t really bother me to see them because I see them whether they’re in the closet or not. I think that can help me be more organized, and I need to be more organized if I’m going to have all that room.

This morning, before we went to Home Depot, I kept scraping the dirt from the tiles on the floor.

I was able to make some progress on the floor, while I also tried to watch the Uruguay vs. Russia game, which wasn’t very successful. I couldn’t get a good wi-fi signal on the corner I wanted to clean so I had to decide which was more important. Cleaning was more important but it’s ok because Uruguay won.



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