Aside from working hard on the new apartment, trying as hard as I can to watch the World Cup and trying to find a job, I’ve continued doing the T25 workouts. To be honest, I have only missed one day and it was last Sunday’s stretch video. Apart from that I’ve been really loyal, I even worked out on Thursday, after working in the new apartment from 9 a.m. to after 6.

This focus on continuing to workout or at least keep moving a little every day, is not some crazy pressure to maintain my weight or be skinny, although I want to stay healthy. It’s because of my brain, I also have to keep that healthy. My mind doesn’t work as fast as it used to or hold on to as much information any more, at least not for a long time. But, since I have kept exercising ever since I started therapy after my accident six years ago, I really haven’t had any regression, I have only improved.

I don’t want my memory or brain function to get worse as I age so I need to do things to prevent this. Apart from reading and writing, I also exercise at least 5 times a week to keep my brain healthy. I already had a TBI, that was enough for my brain, I need to protect it more now.

Learn more about this here: The brain-changing benefits of exercise





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