I write to you extremely tired again after another long but successful day  working on my new apartment. We, my grandpa and I, did so many things today, some very small, others not so much.

Our first and, I would say most important, task of the day was changing the door knobs. First they were old, second we didn’t have a key for one of them and third, a lot of people have had keys to that house, who knows how many people had those keys. Second, we finished building my closet,

which had been causing me a little stress because I just didn’t know how it would fit.

Now that I know it fits and it’s built, I want to find some cute curtains to close it with. I don’t know where I’m going to find them but I can now start looking for ideas of cute curtains.

After we finished the closet we tried to fix mi bedroom door, but I’m not very sure if we will be successful, we have to wait and see.

And we still have to paint it too, it’s going to look a lot better.

And finally, my proudest moment of the day was adding another string to my ceiling fans. The strings on those fans were not made for a short person so I can’t reach them and I wanted to be able to reach so I can turn the light of, but that’s not the important part or why I’m proud. I’m proud because I was able to attach another string to the already short string so I had to get up on a ladder.

I’m not afraid of heights but ladders are not the safest things to climb on, so my nervousness climbing up on one should not surprise anyone. I have never fallen off a ladder, I think, but it’s a long way to fall and I didn’t wan’t to have another concussion just because I fell from a ladder, so I made my mom stay near by as I changed the string. After all my fears and precautions, I was able to add the strings without any accidents.

Also, now I have a refrigerator! It hasn’t been installed, just delivered, but I have a new refrigerator! It we can install it tomorrow, I will be able to have ice cold Coca Cola, juice  and water for all my helpers on this huge project.

Doing so many different little jobs is exhausting.


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