After a brief break from the remodeling, we got some work done today. It wasn’t much, but I felt like I actually knew what I was doing, so my mom and I were trying to finish putting together one of the Ikea cabinets for my kitchen. Everything went well after I moved some screws that had been misplaced to the right places. After that I felt like I was experienced enough with Ikea furniture for my mom and I to finish putting that one cabinet together; all it needed was two doors and a drawer.

That was my first mistake, thinking I could easily do that, from having helped Jose do that a couple of times. After we set up the two doors we noticed they didn’t close correctly.

We didn’t understand it, we did exactly what the drawings showed we had to do, but the doors still didn’t close. That kind of got me thinking I’m still not a pro at putting furniture together, but maybe after we’re finished I will be. I need to remember to put that in my resume, in addition to painter.

I was just told somebody helped close them correctly, we didn’t do anything strong, the screws just weren’t tight enough. That’s one less thing to worry about, I thought we had ruined the brand new kitchen cabinets in my new apartment before I even moved in but everything is good again. I have electricity in every room and plugs everywhere I wanted them.

We also put together some shelves for my shoes, which were a bit easier to because there were no tools, knots or bolts needed; it didn’t even have instructions.

So I think tomorrow is going to be closet day.


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