I got the sink installed in my new kitchen earlier this week.

And guess what happened today…

I finally have a sink with running water, which means I can start washing dishes. The kitchen is still not finished so I can’t start cooking yet, but soon enough. I have to start thinking about the first meal I’m going to cook in my new kitchen, which I think will probably be rice and beans. I’m so excited to start cooking in MY kitchen and be able to cook what I want, like I did six years ago.

Now we are so close to the end that it’s frustrating. It looks like there is not a lot to do because we finished most of the big jobs, except for the bathroom, but there are still a lot of finishing touches that still need to be done. They may not be as big or take so much time but they are a lot, like putting in the last cabinets of the kitchen, getting the walls ready by filling the last few spots that need putty, cleaning and moving in.

But I have a sink with hot and cold water!


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