I have absolutely no idea how this morning I forgot the most important thing I have to do every morning. I would kick myself if I could right now.

I didn’t realize that I screwed up until 8:00 PM, when I was taking my nightly doze of Keppra and Vimpat, my epilepsy medicine, that I forgot this morning. I didn’t take the one Vimpat I take in the morning or any of the other four I take, including the anti-depressant, Soloft.

I have to think that maybe missing one doze doesn’t do anything when you take them religiously every day but this can’t happen again. My mom is nervous, even though I already took the nightly doze.

But I’m about to get my own apartment and I do this. I can’t blame it anyone or anything else, it’s my mistake and I’m just lucky nothing happened but how could I be so stupid and carefree. Now I can’t say anything if everyone is always stressed about me taking my medicine because I asked for it.

Nothing happened but it can’t happen again and I can just see the look of disappointment in my neurologist’s eyes when I tell him in my next appointment in August. I don’t know what he’s going to tell me but he won’t be happy. That could have cost me all the progress I have made in the last three years.

And even though nothing happened, I want this to be a reminder to every epilepsy patient to take their medicine as prescribed by your doctor.


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