Remember the day I made mofongo? It was a year ago today, in my aunt’s house and I was so happy, not only because I learned how to make something new, but because it was actually good. It wasn’t that difficult but my aunt was there, telling me exactly what I had to do.

Well today I cooked something for the first time too, but this time I was by myself.  I had been wanting to make it since I moved in and got my new kitchen, but for some reason I just hadn’t done it. But today seemed like the perfect day, there was no hurry and I had everything I needed, except I didn’t know how to make it. I realized that once I had the meat out of the oven but, thank God my mom was able to text me the recipe and I was finally able to make picadillo.

I don’t remember ever making it, not even before the accident, so this was something totally new. I thought making picadillo was very hard and complicated, like making Ropa Vieja, but it’s not. Maybe if you make it with a lot of spices and make it on the stove it will be but I think I got the crash course into making picadillo and all it took was cooking the meat for two minutes in the microwave, shred it, add a cubito and sazón and mix.

Then you put it in the microwave for two more minutes and when the meat is cooked, add a can of tomato sauce.

You put that in the microwave again for three minutes and if it’s not done after three minutes add a few more and that’s it! You have perfect picadillo.

No one else tried it so right now no one can say it was good, except for me, but it was good! I also made rice but I can make that in my sleep, if I have a microwave in my sleep.

I also prepared two hamburger buns and put them in the microwave for next week. Having my own kitchen is so awesome! I’ll let you know if I learn how to make something else next week.


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