I have been waiting a long time, since I moved in about a month ago, to bake something in my new oven. I had the idea that when I got my own oven the fist thing I was going to bake was brownies. I like brownies and I like making brownies so, why not?

But today my parents invited my grandparents, my aunt, my brother and me, over for lunch to try out the new kitchen and celebrate Jose’s birthday. She was going to make arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas), chuletas (pork chops), birthday cake and chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to make something too, I have a new kitchen too even if mine isn’t as new as hers, I still want to show off my cooking skills.

I don’t have as much room as her to make rice and pork chops or to cook anything for that many people but I could make something easier. So I took the chocolate ship cookies off her plate and made them in my kitchen, using my oven. As long as you follow the instructions and use the right cooking utensils. it is pretty easy.

That was the most difficult part about using a small oven because baking Betty Crocker Gluten free Chocolate Chip cookies means using three baking sheets when you only have toaster oven sized baking sheets. Because my oven is bigger than a toaster oven but still small, I couldn’t fit all the baking sheets in at the same time. I put two in first and then the last one after those were done.

After all the cookies were done, José wanted to try the cookies before lunch was ready and the guests arrived. guess what, he really liked them. That was such an ego booster, I mean, it is pretty hard to mess up a dessert that comes in a box with instructions and all you have to do is mix and put in the oven but it felt good not to mess up. Also I haven’t baked anything by myself in a long time and I had a small issue when I was melting the butter.

If my gluten free chocolate chip cookies were good, my brownies have to be amazing.


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