I don’t know if you know but my brother is a very talented guy, he’s an artist with a lot of creativity. He started selling his art on Society6 a few years ago. Here he sells his art online in any product you can think of, from a picture frame, a laptop case or even a shower curtain. When you look for Sanfeliu’s Store on Society6 you can find the most original and one of a kind clock or pillowcase or even stool.

I can assure you he has a lot of very nice, creative and original things. I have bought my last three phone cases with his art because they’re really nice, colorful and original. My current phone case has colorful vejigantes dancing. Who else has that?

Recently he started selling Etsy too. Here you can find his art under the name Hot Tropik which now has shirts but will soon begin to offer more stuff. These shirt designs are based on colors he used on other pieces of art. They are sold in different sizes, shapes and color for youth, men and women. You can find t-shits, crop tops, tank tops, so there’s a shirt for everyone.

Most of this art is inspired by Puerto Rico but you can order these product online and have your purchase shipped anywhere.


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