November is an important month, not because the holiday season starts soon or because we eat turkey, because it’s epilepsy awareness month. There are a lot of activities happening around the world to teach people about epilepsy and to help people who suffer from it.

I want to welcome November, like I always do, offering some information to help patients, family, friends or just by standers who can witness someone having a seizure. As I’ve mentioned before, a seizure can occur any time and anywhere to anybody and handling it correctly can save lives.

It’s not a matter of being a neurologist or having a medical degree, but keeping the person safe from hurting themselves or others. It is also important to understand that being space out may not really be spacing out but having an absent seizure because not all seizure are as dramatic as seen on TV and don’t always happen all of the sudden. There is a warning that something is coming, but you don’t always notice.

Seizures are always a new and unique experience but we must always be prepared, taking our medicine, sleeping well and avoiding activities that are a trigger.

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