There’s less than a week left before Christmas Day and everything is looking great; everyone has the Christmas spirit, everything is decorated and I bought wrapping paper for my presents. Everything is ready except my presents are not here yet, they hadn’t even been shipped this morning. I was already seeing myself without any presents to give anybody on Christmas morning.

My mom was getting something she ordered every day, why weren’t mine being shipped already? The should have been on their way, they were supposed to arrive between the 17th and 21st. But thinking about this just frustrated me more. I was checking my order on amazon chance I got, getting more worried every time. The only thing keeping me from checking my order and sane was having a job to do.

So when I was going to show my mother that my order still wasn’t coming, the Amazon app showed that it was now shipping. I couldn’t believe it and had to make sure I was reading correctly.

I’m hoping everything gets here before Tuesday and I have enough time to wrap everything, which reminds me, I should at least try to learn how to wrap a present.

Wish me luck! And I hope you get everything ready to have a great Christmas!


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