I’ve been told many times to write things down so I will remember them like for example making a list of what I need from the pharmacy or what I need to tell my doctor.

I don’t need help with motivation to do things, I need to remember to do them. Sometimes I can’t even remember the one thing I have to do or I don’t even remember that I have to do something.

I knew I would lose any list I made or even forget I made a list if I didn’t see it so I got dry erase stickers and put them on my wall to write anything I need to remember. I also got a dry erase calendar , which had worked out well until now. I still haven’t updated it to December, which is something I should do tonight or maybe tomorrow.

The list system works really well, not only when you see the list, but when you have the energy to make it and follow through. If you’re tired, there is a very high risk of saying “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow “and later forget about it. That’s exactly what’s happening with my calendar, I keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow and I plan on doing it tomorrow because I’m very tired right now, but I will probably forget tomorrow too.

I will maybe keep making excuses until January or actually change it tomorrow when I have some energy. I don’t need to make a list for that because I see it every day and I remember every day; in that case the problem is not memory, it’s being too tired to do that simple task.

Creating a To-Do List Can Be Helpful After Brain Injury

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