Since yesterday, every time I try to make a phone call or I receive a call, I can’t hear anything. I don’t hear the phone ringing as I call and I can’t hear the person when they answer or when I answer, even though I see on the screen that the other person had answered and was there. At first I thought there was something wrong with the signal or maybe it was the phone company, it definitely wasn’t me. Then I thought maybe my phone was too old or it was finally showing signs of damage after it fell on Thanksgiving. It had to be one of those.

Today I remembered that I got a pedicure on Sunday, during which I was stupidly using my phone. It was nothing important, just Facebook and Instagram. I knew this was a bad idea but I decided to go ahead and keep using my phone. I wasn’t going to drop it because when have I ever dropped anything?

And just like that I dropped my phone in the foot bath, which was already full of water. But what was I thinking? I drop everything, not intentionally, but things just fall from my hands.

After I realized what I did I quickly took my phone out of the water and dried it with a towel they gave me. I thought it was fine because it worked. I saw the screen, everything opened, it looked fine and I even posted on Facebook that I dropped my phone in water but it survived. I guessed maybe I took it out of there and dried it fast enough so nothing got damaged or I was just lucky.

I wasn’t lucky, I guess it took the microphone a few days until it stopped working. Now I think I may have to wait until after Tuesday to take it to the store to get a new one, I’m scared to go into a mall days before Christmas.




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