My presents, the ones I was nervous that wouldn’t get here on time, all got here today. After I knew they were here, my worries went away. Then I was nervous because I had to wrap them. Without even thinking about it, I quickly looked for some YouTube videos about how to wrap presents, which looked so easy that after watching two videos I felt like I was ready.

So I started wrapping and everything was fine until I realized I hadn’t cut enough paper to wrap the whole present, I was missing one side. On the bright side, I still had a lot of paper left. I realized that next time I had to think about how much paper I was going need before I cut in or it would look like a collage.

From then on I used more paper, sometimes I had a little too much paper but it’s better to have more and cut it than to not have enough. I used some of the tricks I learned from YouTube for folding the edges. I wasn’t trying to show off or anything, I just wanted to hide how sloppy I cut the paper.

I also managed to make a bag out of the paper I had left for the last present. I have to say that was my best work today and I even used a bow to make it look more professional. So four days before Christmas and all my presents are here and they’re wrapped. Now I just have to figure out where to put them so Indy and Sandy don’t get to them and destroy any of the hard work I did today.


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