I’m not much of a flowery girl and no flower we ever had in my house could ever survive more than a week, so I never even tried to plant anything or try to keep it alive. Now that we have a backyard, my stepdad took care of the gardening in the planter we have and it looks really nice but I never thought I would have anything to do with that. That was until a friend of mine brought me little flowers as a housewarming gift.

I put them outside, knowing that was the safest place for them to survive, but I still had that feeling that I wanted to do more than just put them out there. I wanted to take care of them and make them look pretty and make my house look pretty.

That was just a thought on the back of my mind, that just lit up when I saw some very cute flowerpots at the mall. They were perfect for my flowers.

Like I said, I had never gardened before so I was lost when I got home and wanted to put them in my new flowerpot. I almost killed them moving from one pot to another and spilling all the soil. That was my first mistake, then I didn’t put enough soil in the pot. If I didn’t have someone watching me, I would have easily killed my flowers.

All four didn’t fit in the flowerpot I got today so we had to separate them and put two on another pot. I didn’t have anything to do with the planting of those other two so let’s see if the ones in my flowerpot survive.

Now I’m going to have to start reading about gardening if I’m going to do this but this is just a trial to see if I can keep plants alive. I’ll try to keep you updated on the lifespan of my plants.


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