As much as I write about my brain injury, I sometimes feel like I can’t really explain exactly what it’s like. Everything I read says different things about what it feels like but that’s not always what I feel. I don’t know if others feel the same way but as much as I try to share and be open about it there are still some dark spots I’d rather not share.

What everybody sees is the outside, not the darker things inside, and sometimes it’s better to not share those parts.  Then when you read things it feels like you’re going through something completely different than everybody else with the same diagnosis.

Until you hear something that sounds familiar. I found that in The Invisible Rain Cloud, a story about what it’s like to live with a Traumatic Brain Injury. It was like reading my mind, it’s a video truly showing what a TBI feels like, your thoughts from the minute you wake up after the injury.

I know it’s not easy for those around us not knowing what it going on inside out heads so here is that story, which may seem sad and gloomy but I think it’s the opposite and incredibly well done.

The Invisible Rain Cloud

The Invisible Rain Cloud: What’s It Like To Live With A Traumatic Brain Injury?



3 thoughts on “The Invisible Rain Cloud

  1. Reblogged this on Max Mteliso’s words and commented:
    I’m of the opinion that TBI suffers or any people suffering alike know best about how they feel daily more than any human experts using human intelligence. They maybe able to know better the findings are aided by algorithm intelligence or as such. Only you can hear the whispers of your aunthentic self. Lastly it within you to enlighten the world by share your invaluable dark secrets.


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