I came home from work very hungry and wanted to cook something quickly, so I decided to go with shrimp and french fries. I usually just put these in the oven and toaster oven and they’re done in less than 20 minutes; it’s very easy and that’s just what I wanted. The only problem was I only had one baking pan, so I could only put one of them in the oven and cook the other in the stove. I don’t really like using the stove unless it’s super necessary and today it was. It was also faster so I didn’t mind.

I set the temperature to what I thought was the right temperature, or close to the right temperature and threw the shrimp in there. Everything was going fine, or at least I thought as I killed time washing dishes, when the smoke detector started going off. I had never set off a smoke detector so I had no idea what to do. Did I have to turn it off or would the alarm stop by itself? I couldn’t reach it so I hoped I didn’t have to do anything but I needed it to stop, the dogs started barking. If that noise was annoying for me, I can’t imagine how horrible it was for them.

The alarm stopped after I turned off the stove but I didn’t think the shrimp were ready yet, just burnt, so I turned it back on a lower temperature and tried to cook them for a while longer. I really didn’t know how long I should leave them on the stove so I just guessed.

I thought they wouldn’t be any good, either they would be under cooked, over cooked or just too burnt but I had mayoketchup there to save the day. In the end they weren’t bad and at least the french Fries were perfect, but I swear this smoke detector experience has nothing to do with my cooking abilities. This is the first time this happens to me and I guess this happens at least once to everyone. At least it was no big deal and I could still eat the food because I was very hungry.


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