As I said last time, I was spending this weekend at the beach. I had been waiting for this for months and after patiently waiting I finally got the chance to go to the beach, not one, but two days. On the first day, (you can read about it on Back at the beach) we rented a boat and after I got that out of my system, we went to a regular beach on Saturday, a very nice beach I hadn’t been to before.

Not only did I get to go to the beach but, I also got to do a little tourism, driving around one of our southwest towns looking for a new place to eat and visiting the artistic Yuacromatic. This is a project being done in the town of Yauco, which is more famous for its coffee, but it is now getting attention and attracting tourists for this new urban art and mural project. This project showcases the work of local and international artists by letting them create beautiful works of art on the outside buildings and floors around town. As you walk around town trying to find the artwork, you can see everything the town has to offer like the town market or its plazas.

For the second part of Yaucromatic, they painted the houses in multiple bright colors  creating a giant mural on the mountains of Yauco. I had seen pictures of this, and it looked beautiful, but it was more astonishing seeing it for myself.

As if that wasn’t enough, today we went to La Casa de los Pastelillos (The House of the Turnovers).  I had heard that this place had very good turnovers but what sets them apart is not their taste, but their size. The turnovers and alcapurrias ( stuffed fritter) are both 12″ long. We also had bacalaitos but those were a normal size.

It was a very good weekend filled with old, new, and unbelievable surprises. I’m ready for the next long weekend, when is it?


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