As I mentioned last week I started Focus T-25 for the second time. I’m only half way into a 10 routine and during my workout I was wondering why I’m doing this to myself.

This thought often comes to mind when I get tired, when I want to stop, but I keep pushing myself because then that would mean all the other days I worked out and all the effort I already put into it was for nothing. And if I stop today, then I won’t continue tomorrow and here’s where I’m a little OCD, if I didn’t finish one day, then I can’t just skip to the next day because then you’re not doing it right, right? That’s why they give you a calendar so you can keep track of everything and I already missed a day and only did 25 minutes instead of the 50 minutes you’re supposed to do on Friday. But that doesn’t count because the day I missed was a stretch day, I did the first half on Friday and I was at the beach, it doesn’t count when you’re at the beach (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it).

I think it’s already working because my legs already hurt and I heard that when it hurts that means that you’re really working. Like I said I’m tired and if I’m tired it means I was actually working out, I wasn’t just standing there.

I wont give up, because I don’t give up, but I hope I start seeing results soon.


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