2020 is definitely not off to a great start , especially in Puerto Rico. Those earthquakes I was talking about have not stopped and we still don’t know when they will. People have been sleeping outside because their homes have been destroyed by the earthquakes or because of fear.

People across the island have been joining in to help those affected, sending anything necessary to help our brothers and sisters who have lost everything. We all saw that the government wasn’t responding to the needs of the people so we took it upon ourselves to do it. From getting water and clothes to bringing entertainment, like singer/songwriter Tommy Torres who surprised refugees in Yauco when he turned up and sang for them. Others, like baseball star Yadier Molina, got into a heated argument on Twitter with Senate President, Tomas Rivera Schatz, and is asking for governor Wanda Vazquez’s resignation. Wanda was next in line for governor after we kicked out Ricky in 2019.

But getting help from our celebrities is not a surprise, we can count on them to always be there for us, in the good times and the bad, unlike our politicians. We are seeing how insensitive, incompetent and lazy they are once again after unused supplies were discovered in a warehouse in Ponce, one of the most affected towns. There were cots, generators, expired water, diapers, stoves and tents, among others. These supplies were stored as people slept on the floor outside, in tents or cars in parking lots without electricity and everyone waited to get money for supplies from the federal government.

It’s unbelievable how the government keeps taking advantage of us, as if we were fools, once again. You would think that after everything that happened last summer, after seeing how we all joined in a common goal to get the governor out, they would have learned their lesson , but it’s like they think that was a one time thing and we all forgot what happened. Well, we have not forgotten and people are back out there, protesting again.

It’s election year and we have to get all those good for nothing, lazy, selfish, scumbags out of there. We can’t go on like this. People can’t keep suffering and dying because the government officials don’t have their shit together, are too lazy to do their jobs or just don’t care but still enjoy the good life. No, this has to end NOW. People won’t die in vain after the next hurricane or earthquake.


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