Well, we did it, we survived the first week in isolation. Congratulations!

Now, it’s the weekend and we have nowhere to go because we still can’t go out. It’s Sunday and we can’t go grocery shopping, I mean some people go but we really shouldn’t, can’t go to the movies or out for that Sunday lunch with the grandparents. Definitely don’t take your grandparents anywhere! It’s for their own good.

So, what do we do? Keep working? Nah, that will just drive us crazy. I decided to still separate the weekend from the workweek just so I don’t go crazy or become a workaholic. I don’t want to exercise on the weekend either, even if that means gaining back the two pounds I lost last week.

So what can we do on weekends in isolation? Well, we can

  • Stay in bed a little longer,
  • Watch that movie we’ve been waiting months to see but don’t have the time or just a random movie- I saw Frozen 2 and Spenser Confidential. There are so many movies and shows online, I don’t think we will run out of things to watch.
  • Sit outside on your backyard or balcony and get a little Vitamin D. It is almost like being at the beach except for no water or sand.
  • Watch Facebook or YouTube live concerts. I know a few artists have already done this, I mean their stuck at home too. It has been a lot of fun watching your favorite artist up close. Last night I saw Tommy Torres live on YouTube in my living room.
  • Clean your house – I cleaned twice this weekend just because I had time.
  • And best of all cuddle with your dogs. They don’t have Coronavirus and love that you’re spending so much time with them.
  • Cooking is always fun. And now I’m thinking I should have ordered brownie mix. Making and eating brownies is always a good idea. Or cake or cookies.

Please stay at home! This keeps spending and who knows how much longer we’re going to have to keep social distance. Don’t believe everything you hear and only go out when you really have to, one person at a time, keep six feet of distance and wash you hands. It’s no joke!


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