We have been in quarantine or isolation or whatever you want to call it since Sunday. That makes today day 6 of quarantine and I know a lot of people are running out of things to do, even if you made a schedule for your days you cannot work or exercise or watch movies all day.

To make it a little easier for everyone the people at Pinterest just created a group of boards with ideas of things to do while we’re in quarantine. This group is called Stay safe. Stay inspired. It has a variety of boards, from information from the World Health Organization and recipes to how to keep your children busy how to spend time with your dog. It has over 300 ideas so if you get tired of watching TV, read every book you own or already cleaned everything in your house twice, you can still find something to do.

If everyone of us takes advantage of this time we have to ourselves, we can all find new hobbies or develop new skills. What’s that one thing you always wanted to do, learn or finish but never had the time? Now you do!

But don’t forget to avoid contact with other people.


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