Today I wanted to do something different, something fun, something that didn’t involve a TV or computer. I felt like paint or coloring. I have a lot of markers, crayons, colored pencils end even paint in a drawer but never use them because I forget they’re there. Every now and then I remember.

Today was one of those days. I saw an empty bottle in my kitchen and I thought it would be nice to paint it and use is to put stuff in. So I started painting, making some kind of abstract mess with every color I had. I didn’t even think about what I was doing, I just kept adding color on top of another color with the same brush.

The first few colors looked nice but then everything started to mix together because I wanted to hide the brand name and nutrition facts. Before I knew it, it was a big mess, I didn’t even know which color was which. I tried to use white to make it lighter but that didn’t work.

When I finally realized that I couldn’t save it I remembered that was acrylic paint. If I had just washed the brush with a little bit of water when it started to get dry and before I changed colors, maybe I could have actually made something I wouldn’t be afraid to put in my living room.

After that mess was over I also tried drawing for a little bit with a very basic illustration book I have. That’s something I could have started doing from the very beginning of the quarantine. I even have an adult coloring book I got after Hurricane María.

Drawing and coloring is really relaxing, even when you’re not very good at it, and it helps you take your mind off everything else. I think doing this a few times a week maybe helps make this quarantine a little easier.


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