At times like this, when we’re all trying to stay safe, there is a large group of people doing the best they can to help keep us safe. Doctors, nurses, grocery, pharmacists and pharmaceutical workers are all putting their lives at risk to keep you and me safe.

I know this is long overdue but as I talked to a friend on video chat yesterday and I saw the two masks she wears to see patients at the hospital it really hit me. They are out there taking care of everyone, people who have the virus and people who could have the virus but don’t have symptoms. They can be infected but are doing everything they can take care of their patients and to control this pandemic.

I also thought about all of those who work in pharmaceutical companies who can’t stop working because they need to assemble more product for hospitals. Now they have to work even harder than they usually do. They are doing it all so we can be safe.

Baxter Aibonito, PR

I can’t forget about restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, and all other essential employees, without who no one would be able to stay home. So to all my friends, family and everyone out there who are putting themselves at risk and working so hard to save others, THANK YOU!


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