What a great day! Because today is my mother’s birthday, we went to the beach. It wasn’t just any beach, she wanted to come to La Parguera, where we rented a boat and went to a place like this

and this

We thought there wouldn’t be people at the beach since it’s a week day but there were a few other boats out there.

Keeping our distance from other boats, we enjoyed the day in the sun, floating in the water, swimming, walking around and exploring a little bit.

It was sad seeing how much damage, caused by both human and nature, those mangroves have suffered. It didn’t look like the places I visited so much growing up. They are dry and don’t have as many leaves as they used to have.

Regardless of that, it is still one of the most beautiful places and my favorite place in Puerto Rico. I’m glad we got the chance to come here this weekend and give my mom a very happy birthday, one she enjoyed.


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