Today was the day I had been looking forward to for weeks. I had been training and I thought I was ready but I didn’t count on one thing, a very small detail. We were starting at 6 so I had to get up between 5 and 5:15 am.

I was still half asleep as I got ready so it took me way too long to wash my face, brush my teeth and do everything to get ready. I was so lacy I skipped tying my shoe laces. They were already tied so I just slipped my feet it and didn’t even bother to check if they were ok. Later I realized they should have been a little tighter but it was too late to do anything by that time.

We met the few people from work who were also doing the 5k today outside Old San Juan. Everyone walked or ran at their own pace so it was easy to keep our distance but we saw each other along the way. I walked most of the time and ran a few times. I think I ran more than I have in other 5ks. I didn’t run the whole way because I don’t have that much resistance and there were some hills on the route we chose. I don’t like running uphill or downhill. Uphill is very difficult and last time I ran downhill I fell.

Even while I was able to enjoy the view and take a few pictures I finished in less than an hour, just like I wanted! I finished third to last but we were all done by 7:00 am.

After we got home, my stepdad and I walked the dogs. It was a short walk today, not like their usual weekend morning walks, but they still enjoyed it.

I hope there is another virtual 5k I can sign up for soon because this was fun, I’ve been tired all day but it was still fun.

The 5k or #5cap was organized by CAP Foundation which helps and takes care of cancer patients in the Pediatric University Hospital in San Juan, the principal pediatric public hospital in Puerto Rico.

Fundación CAP


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