This Saturday has been very unlike the rest of my most recent Saturdays.

But let go back earlier this week. On Thursday, after work, I stayed behind with my mom to exercise with another of our coworkers. We were each doing our own thing, I was running with music when I got a notification that I had done one mile in 13 minutes!

I was so happy I had to announce it to both of them. Everyone should know I can run a mile in 13 minutes, right? I read that the average for women my age is 12:29 minutes per mile so 13 minutes and I don’t remember how many seconds is not bad at all.

Yesterday I didn’t run at all because I got home later than I thought I would and I just did one quick video instead of two. I didn’t want to be too tired today because I had to wake up early. Today I was doing a virtual 5k, my second one this year.

Running this morning was so much fun. I ran by the beach and it was so early it still wasn’t too hot out. I didn’t have music to distract me so the whole time I was running I was thinking about going in the water. We could see the beach but we’re not supposed to go to the beach unless it’s for exercise so I didn’t even bring a swimsuit.

Out of the six of us, I was the second one to finish. I did it in 43 minutes. That’s about ten minutes faster than the last Virtual 5k and I completed the first mile in 13 minutes again.

While we waited for the rest of the group, we decided to go see the beach. I didn’t plan on going in the water but I went closer just to feel it. When my hand was in the water, a wave came and splashed water all over me. After this I decided to just take off my sneakers and socks, even though they were already wet, and just go into the water with my clothes on. It was windy so I knew they would dry quickly when I got out. If I got up at 5:15 am on a Saturday morning I should be allowed to go to the beach and get in the water.

After running I went Christmas shopping in Old San Juan. I’m very tired right now but I’m glad I got this done today because I’m done Christmas shopping! I thought that was going to be almost impossible this year but if you do it with time, avoid crowds and follow all the precautions, it can be done safely.

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