Right now I think it’s one of those times where having something to focus on and distract yourself is very important. I have found two things, exercise and writing. I think that’s what’s keeping me sane right now with all these horrible Covid19 news.

I don’t write about Covid anymore like I did in the beginning, not because I don’t care, but because it’s too much. I don’t like to think about it anymore when I get home after spending all day at work worrying about my mask, hand sanitizer and washing my hands, if people are too close and worrying not only about myself but my family and friends.

Every day it gets worse. Every time I hear about a doctor or a nurse having Covid, I think about my cousin and my friends who work at hospitals. Every time I hear there might be another lockdown I feel a little relief, maybe then people will stay in and cases will go down, but maybe it doesn’t happen.

Since sitting and waiting around for this to end won’t do me any good, I’ll just keep distracting myself with something productive and good for me. I hope maybe this might be helping at least some of my followers, either by distracting them for a little while, by motivating them or if they’re doing the same thing.

This distraction helped me run a 5k in just 43 minutes this weekend. That’s might not seem like a good thing to a lot of people but it’s great for me and I don’t plan on stopping there. Today I started my third week of Focus T25 and this week started with one of the most difficult videos. I followed the modifier for a lot of the exercises, because I’m still tired from Saturday and it’s only Monday. Even if I’m doing well, I won’t overdo it.

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