After playing for 120 minutes and tying the game 3-3 with France, Argentina won the World Cup with 4-2 penalty kicks. This was going to be the third World Cup victory for either team and it is Argentina’s first World Cup victory since 1986 in Brazil.

I have to admit, I was rooting for France. I liked the team and the players and at the end of the game, they almost won two World Cups in a row; but I have to admit Argentina played a really good game today and Messi and the rest of his team deserve this victory. I also really like the fact that the champions are latin and the are from the American continent. The last champion from this side of the world was Brazil twenty years ago when they won the 2002 World Cup, hosted by Japan and South Korea.

Tomorrow I will have to face everyone at work who knew I was rooting for France. I hope they go easy on me, but I will miss the excitement of updating the scores on the poster in the cafeteria. At least now we get to continue celebrating the holiday season and there is only one week left before Christmas!


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