No more trash in our streets

I need to say this before I go to sleep, if I don’t it’s going to be bothering me all night. Today, almost 3 hours ago, I was in the car on a very crowded street; Ave. Roosevelt, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were on our way to a restaurant to meet some friends for dinner. There was a lot of traffic, I don’t know why he did it, but in the middle of the traffic I saw the driver of the car next to us open the door, lean over, and leave something on the floor.

Once I saw this I went crazy. What kind of a person does that? Just leave his trash on the street, in the middle of the city, during a traffic jam? I immediately went on Facebook and posted it. That is just not right. Then I thought, that is the first problem we have, people talk a lot about our beautiful island and how proud they are, but then they go and do that. No, the fist thing we all need to learn is respect, then good manners. You don’t just throw trash around. If you love your home so much, you take care of it, clean it and treat it with the respect it deserves because it is a beautiful island, we can’t forget that.

I do not like how much people talk about all of the things going on here, but they don’t take one second to look around at all the damage they are doing, just by not using a trashcan, throwing trash everywhere, and doing all the other things that just hurt the environment. I have to say again, I am very disappointed at the lack of respect there is for our environment and our home. If we can’t even clean our home, how are we going to live in it?


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