There’s a new smartwatch on the market called Embrace smart watch. The thing that makes this watch different from other smart watches and caught my attention is that it tracks seizures. This new watch which has just been cleared by the FDA, has been tested on patients and collected over 6530 hours of data, during which it detected 100% of the seizures that were confirmed by an EEG.

Wearing a watch that can do the same thing as having electrodes taped to you head (EEG) sounds pretty good to me. It has just been approved here so it would be nice to see what people who purchase it have to say about it but I really hope it really works because this is a great tool to fight SUDEP. This can alert family members and care-takers to take immediate action and save lives.

Read more about Embrace:

FDA Clears First Smart Watch to Detect Seizures, Manage Epilepsy

This $249 smartwatch sends alerts if you’re about to have a seizure


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