This morning I saw on CNN they were covering the story of a man who was ran over by policemen. They were asking the question of whether this was the right thing for the officer to do, or not. I was horrified that people where even asking this question, but I decided not to jump to any conclusion and hear the whole story, so I looked up the story on the internet and read it. I did not know the man was armed, shooting bullets in the air, but running him over was not the right decision. There had to be some other way to stop this man, and just because he wears a badge does not excuse his bad decision. In fact, this makes me worried that the people who are supposed to be out there taking care of us, are making such bad decisions.

Didn’t it cross his mind to call for help? Didn’t he think, I might kill this man, and killing is bad? That is just what I want to stop this man from possibly doing to other people, but it’s ok if I do it to him first? This man clearly needed help; being run over does not help anybody. Stopping him, taking the firearm away, talking to him, getting him medication and psychological help, could have helped.

Maybe people don’t think this is such a big deal, because the man did not die, but it is a big deal. After being run over, you don’t just bruise your knee, put on a Band-Aid and keep walking. There are a few things in between being killed and just getting a bruise, and I happen to have been through one of those. It’s a Traumatic Brain Injury, surgery, psychiatric help, therapies and the ongoing fear of seizures caused by your new epilepsy.

Yes, you can control your epilepsy, I have been able to control it for up to four months; but you can also just have a seizure, just like that. And after you have one, fear just comes over you and your loved one’s. What if it happens again? What happened? What caused it? Why does this keep happening?

So, why is it ok for an officer to do something that may cause someone this type of pain, or even worse, death?


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