Here are my last memories from 2012.  I still am very proud of all of this as I read it again and I still remember how tired I was after taking just a few steps, but it was all worth it.


So from what people tell me I’m getting better very soon. They say that the knew I would get better but are still really proud of how fast I’m getting better and that makes me proud.

I still forget a lot of things. Earlier today I though of something I had to tell a friend and when I was going to tell her I had forgotten, and I still don’t remember. I guess it wasn’t important.

I sill want to get my memory back from things happening now and from the in the last two year. Maybe some things from the years before those last two years.

My hair is stating to grow back curly as it used to be. Since it had only grown a little I was scared that it wouldn’t be curly anymore.

I also put a mean comment on one of my friend’s Facebook statuses today because she was complaining about final exams. I never complain now except when people complain about stupid stuff. I can’t even go to school now; I wish I had final exams.


Today I took 139 walking by myself. The other time I had been able to walk by my self I only took like 3 steps. My improvement is pretty amazing. So many people didn’t think I could get better but I’m showing them. I’m improving so fast that people cant believe it.


So today I went to the movies with my aunt and we saw the new Twilight movie. It was good.


Today I walked alone for…. Steps and went to eat hamburgers with cobi, Susana, Susie, mami and jose


Today at my therapies a journalist interviewed me.

My mom and therapists helped me because I don’t remember many things as you can se. Also I got really sad tonight because my brother can go out whenever he wants and I cant.


therapies but I don’t remember much and honestly I don’t want to remember that as well a I don’t want to remember the accident. That’s just too much for me to take right now. I’m not sad right now because I don’t remember anything because if I did I would be very depressed


This morning I made scrambled eggs. I don’t even like eating break fast but I cooked! Also I’m exited because today is Christmas Eve. We are going to my aunt’s house and a lot of my family is going. Some people who I haven’t seen since I’ve been back in Puerto Rico.

The Christmas Eve party was a lot of fun. I loved seeing my family. Also we had some really good food, we did karaoke and I danced! I have always loved Christmas but this time I really love it because I don’t remember the last few and I get to spend time with my family, some of which I haven’t seen in a long time. Well and I don’t mind the present part, both giving and receiving them. It makes me happy giving thing that people like and showing them how much I care about them and love them.

Today I made my-self breakfast in the morning. I never make and usually don’t eat breakfast but I had to. I didn’t want to get too hungry. But the food in my aunt’s house was great. I had rice, pork, macaroni and bread. There was other stuff but I don’t eat it.

I had a great time today.


Today I went to my therapies and saw all my family from my mom’s side, her cousins on her mom’s side and they’re kids and my grand mas sister.

Y also got but from the table after eating dinner without anybody’s help. My mom was in my room and when I got there walking by myself and she saw it she was in shock. But it made me really proud to do something by my self. And it made me see that I am improving.


Today I did laundry by myself. I had not done that since before the accident. I’m also really improving on walking and even in the therapies in the pool.

Also I was listening to Black and Yellow the song and it reminded me of my friend Brittany and the told me that we use to sing it together at the bars because she is a big Pittsburg fan.

Also she told me to listen to the song knock out and it reminds me of her too. Because we used to sing it yelled out when we were in Spain together because we got love it. Also memories by David Guetta because it came out when we were in Spain. And Daylight by Matt and Kim

#iwontquit #notdoneyet


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