Here’s March 2013:


Tonight I went to dinner with my mom’s friends. I had a great time. Also yesterday I went to dinner and the movies with my friends.


Today I went to mass with my family. I wore heels and I’m very tired now. It was great seeing my family again.

Wearing heels again for the first time


Today I went to therapy and the pool like always. Tomorrow I will go to get my last test that will eventually show if ill be ready to go back to school this year or if I need to wait more. I’m really hoping they tell me that I’m ready to go back.

Last night I called and then emailed Sally from the bio Department. To let her know how I’m doing. She was very happy to hear from me and Kelly emailed me today that Sally shared the pictures with her and she’s also glad I’m doing well.


I’ve been improving a lot lately. I’ve leaned how to swim the whole pool. I’m also walking all by myself and they started teaching me how to walk correctly again. I’ve been going to the pool and improving a lot on my swimming. I’ve had a lot of help from my family and friends.


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