What’s next?

I have been thinking about what to write next and I started writing but I just didn’t like any of it. So I took a break. I was thinking about some thing else and then it just came to me. I was trying to write about the past, about stuff that happened to me. But I don’t want to write about that, at least not today. I want to write about what’s going to happen, what’s coming next.

I just turned 25 years old last weekend. I don’t want to keep thinking like I did when I was 20 or 21; and I shouldn’t. I want to think about what I can and want to de next. I have surprised myself by all I can do, but I want to keep being surprised. I don’t want to settle and think “well I did all this so I don’t need to do anything anymore”. I want to keep thinking, “this is done, what’s next?”.

So, what’s next?

I want to get control of my epilepsy.

I want to drive again. (For this I need to get my epilepsy under control)

I want to study again. (I kind of have this figured out)

I want a job.

I want people to keep reading my blog or if they’re not reading it, I want them to start.

I want to see my friends.

There are a lot more but these are the things I can do or at least try.

But now that I look at that I think, a year or two ago that list would have been a lot longer and have different things, but I think I have been able to do everything. Or maybe my priorities changed, I don’t know, but let’s see if I can do all, or at least some of these by next year.

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