After my TBI I had to learn how to walk, after months of barely moving. Once I learned how to walk, I wanted to run again. Here I am learning how to run in therapies.

Years before the accident I started to run for fun. After the accident I didn’t think I would be able to again. But I learned how and today I try to run for at least five minutes in the treadmill when I’m doing cardio at the gym. When I start to think I don’t want to I push myself because I’m lucky I’m able to run. After I worked so hard for that, I’m going to keep putting as much effort as I can to continue to do it.

I am not going to let everything I put so much effort into doing, go to waste. If running, like writing, just relaxes me; I’m going to run, and I’m going to write. (No, I wont do both at the same time.)

#health #fun #icanandiwill #therapy #tbi #run #write

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